Dear Prime Minister,

Australian citizens Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have exhausted their legal appeals and now face execution in Indonesia. Only a grant of clemency from the President of the Republic of Indonesia will save their lives.

Andrew and Myuran have admitted their role in attempting to export heroin to Australia. At the time Andrew was 21 years old and Myuran was 24.

After more than seven years in prison, Andrew and Myuran have reformed and now contribute constructively and daily to the prison population and to the wider Balinese community. They have learned the local language and raised money to initiate numerous educational programs within the prison including computer and art classes. They both constantly work hard at these and other initiatives. Both are genuinely remorseful. Their deaths would make no sense, and devastate their families and those who love them.

We the undersigned, respectfully request that every possible means open to your government is utilised to urge His Excellency, the President of Indonesia, to grant clemency to these two young Australians. Decades in jail is surely enough punishment for their admitted crimes. For Andrew and Myuran, the granting of clemency represents their very last chance to avoid execution. This is their last chance to seek mercy.


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