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You can help save the lives of Andrew and Myuran.

There are several ways that you, your community and your networks can get involved and help save the Bali 2.

Write Your Own Message

Download this A4 page of our campaign logo and fill in your message of hope and mercy for Andrew and Myuran. Feel free to draw, type, write or paint any message of support you wish. Send your messages by mail to GPO Box 4296 or scan your message and email to and we will feature some online, and eventually hope to display them in public.


The Mercy Campaign will only be as strong as our volunteers - people like you who are willing to lend their time, passion and talents to help save the lives of Andrew and Myuran. 

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Support the Campaign

Can you help to share the message in your community? Take the first step by signing the petition.

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Send a link to our website to 10 of your friends, family members, work colleagues. Urge them to sign the petition too. Here's a draft email to get you started:

Dear [friends / colleagues etc]

Subject: Andrew and Myuran face execution

Two young Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran face execution in Indonesia.

Andrew and Myuran have admitted that, in Bali in 2005, they attempted to traffic drugs to Australia. At the time, Andrew was 22 years old and Myuran 24. Since their conviction Andrew and Myuran have reformed themselves. They are still young and want the chance to repay society for what they have done.

They do not deserve to die.

Their actions were illegal and they will be punished with lengthy prison sentences . I don't believe they should be killed for their crimes.

Andrew and Myuran have exhausted their avenues of appeal. The only thing which can save them now is a grant of clemency from Indonesia's President. Together we can make this happen

How we can save Andrew and Myuran

You can help. Take two minutes to sign the petition to the Indonesian President at the following link

You can also support the campaign by following us on Twitter and Facebook or becoming a campaign volunteer. To get involved, check out the following link

I hope you will join me in helping to save the lives of Andrew and Myuran.

Sign the petition

Show your support for Andrew and Myuran by signing the petition

Write your own letter to the Indonesian President;

You can also write your own letter to the Indonesian President. We kindly ask that all correspondence to Indonesian government officials and all messages of support for the Bali 2 remain completely respectful. Inflammatory and critical attacks on the Indonesian people are unnecessary and definitely unhelpful to the cause. Please send any letters to the Mercy Campaign, GPO Box 4296, Melbourne VIC 3001. We will then forward your letter to the Indonesian President. 


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YouTube Videos

You can also create a YouTube video in support of the Bali 2. Record you message of support and send us the link. We will post the best videos on our website.