About Us

Who are we?

The Mercy Campaign formed in Melbourne, Australia.

We are volunteers who oppose the death penalty and believe in the power of mercy. 

We are a mix of lawyers, filmmakers, academics, web designers, graphic artists, students and others - and you are welcome to join us.

We have united to help send a simple message: please spare the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

We have the full support of the Chan and Sukumaran families. 

Why mercy?

Julian McMahon, barrister for Myuran and Andrew, explains:

“Dear Reader, 

Thank you for paying attention to this case.

The only issue remaining in this case is one of clemency. Unless clemency is granted, Myuran and Andrew will be taken out and shot dead.

There is no doubt they are both guilty of a serious crime, attempting to export heroin from Indonesia to Australia. The only issue now in this case is whether they should spend decades in jail, or be shot. Their lawyers argue that decades in jail is punishment enough for their crime.

Myuran and Andrew have been in jail since April 2005. For the first couple of years, they did nothing very praiseworthy. Then, with the help of family and friends, they began to mature, they retained new lawyers in both Indonesia and Australia, and started the long process of reforming and rehabilitating. They are now fantastically impressive. They have rehabilitated themselves and spend their time helping other prisoners, and for Andrew also being in chapel. Through a lot of hard work they have set up classes in computers, art and other courses to re-educate and help other prisoners. It is a rare privilege to watch the disadvantaged prisoners embark on education in such a setting, and earn certificates for later job opportunities.

In their final appeal, in November 2010, Myuran and Andrew spoke in Indonesian directly to the Court. They sincerely and deeply apologised, admitted their guilt, and spoke of their work in helping other prisoners. The Governor of the prison, Siswanto, also came and urged the Court to spare them, because of the good work and influence they now brought to the prison. In mid 2011, the appeal was lost. The reasons have not been published.

The only way they can now be saved is if the President of Indonesia grants them clemency. Indonesian law requires the President to consider every such death penalty case. Our argument is essentially that rehabilitated prisoners who work and rehabilitate others deserve some mercy, deserve a long jail sentence instead of execution. Such rehabilitation is the best result a prison can deliver – it shouldn’t end in execution.

Some people, however, argue “That is the law in Indonesia, the criminals should die, we shouldn’t interfere”. But the Indonesians themselves reject that argument. The Indonesian government now fights hard to save its own citizens on death row, in places such as Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. We strongly support those efforts. If we can help in those cases, we will.

How can you help? You can be a respectful, courteous, clear thinking, courageous person and involve yourself in the Mercy campaign. The Mercy campaign is run by a wonderful group of young people who want to convert the death sentence in this case to a jail sentence. Please consider their website carefully.

Yours sincerely,

Julian McMahon on behalf of the Melbourne legal team.”


With that in mind, can you think of one more person to share the message of Mercy with?

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Get in touch! If you have any questions about the Mercy Campaign, suggestions or would like to help spread the message of Mercy, just email us: admin@mercycampaign.org


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